Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sadie's First Soccer Game

So this first video is of Sadie practice. I just think its funny how she totally does her own thing!

This is pic/video of Sadie's first soccer game. She actually did a little better at paying attention and going after the ball. She actually almost made a goal! Woohoo! I think the other team won though, they had a couple really good kids. Sadie was the most excited about her new shirt with her name on it, and the snacks!

Daily Life

So we are back in a routine since we went on our big trip to Michigan. Here's a few pics of life in the Branham house!

We got a Wii! And Tanner got a hunting game with it that came with this super-cool gun!

Peyton so sleepy!

Sadie and Peyton playing dress up! Peyton will love this picture when he gets older! Haha!

I have a picture of Sadie just like this when she was about this age!

When Peyton wakes up from his naps, Sadie loves to get in his crib and play with him until I can go get him!

Happy Girl!

Happy Boy!

Sadie hasn't really been taking naps anymore, so she's been falling asleep at random times, in random places! Its really cute! This was on a Sunday afternoon, while she was watching football with Daddy!

Here's a video of Peyton walking! I only took this a couple of days ago, and he's already so much faster and steadier on his feet! Super cute, but I'm not sure I'm ready for him to be getting around so well! :)

Happy Birthday Peyton!

Our little baby Peyton turned One last month! I can't believe he's grown so much! I can't believe he's not my teeny tiny colicky baby anymore! He's such a happy boy now, he's a pretty laid back, kinda serious little guy. And he's learned to walk! He's walking so good now, its amazing how fast they learn! Here's a few pics from his birthday! It was very low key, its not like he really knew what was going on. He opened a couple of presents, we sang happy birthday, and he had a cupcake!

Sadie helped me decorate the cupcakes - she was so proud of herself! Notice the ones that are really loaded with sprinkles! :)

Sadie's First Soccer Practice!

We signed Sadie up at the beginning of the summer, and she's been waiting and waiting for it finally start! She didn't have any clue what to expect, but she loves it! She totally doesn't pay attention and it always kind of spacing out or doing her own thing, but, hey, she is only three years old! Here's some pics from her first practice!

She colored a picture on her chalkboard of her playing soccer! It's so cute, I just had to share!

Sadie at her first practice. I think this video is hilarious!


Tanner brought his GPS with him when we went to Michigan so we could find a few geocaches. Tanner loved it and has totally gotten into it. We all think its fun and have continued doing it since we've been home. Usually the whole family goes, but Tanner's done several by himself too. Its been a really good way to explore the area and gets some exercise - we've had beautiful weather here too! And after hiking for, like, 5 miles, holding Peyton and the diaper bag - yeah, we've invested in a framed backpack/child carrier thing (whatever you want to call it :). Sadie calls it treasure hunting and she's always excited to look in the cache to see if there's any cool things for kids. Anyway, here's a few pics of our adventures!

The very first on we found! In Iron Mountain, MI.

Yeah, this was the one that was supposed to be a much shorter hike, but ended up being almost 5 miles! It was such a long day, but the kids we such troopers - it didn't end up being that bad. It was a beautiful hike though, right through a northern Michigan forest! Sadie said "These are the tallest trees I've ever seen!"

This was the cache we finally found at the end of the really long hike.

A micro-cache.

Tanner found it!

Sadie found it!

A cache that Tanner found that was under an artificial rock! Kind of neat!

Whew! It was a hot day, but Sadie found it! :) I think this was one we found up in the Tucson area - where its much hotter than Sierra Vista!

A nano-cache! Super tiny!

Our first hike with the new kid backpack!

Obviously Peyton thinks its pretty comfy!

Sadie found it!

Fun Up North: Part 3

Yes, we did! On our way back to the Milwaukee airport we drove right through Green Bay, so we HAD to stop real quick to see Lambeau Field. We only had enough time to look around real quick, but we had fun!

Fun Up North: Part 2

It was carnival time in Michigan while we were there. We went to the U.P. State Fair in Escanaba one day. It was a pretty big fair, and Sadie just had an absolute blast! It was so much fun to see her excitement to go on all the rides!

This was the end of kind of an obstacle/climbing coarse that Sadie loved. She did it over and over again!

The first time Sadie did this we didn't think she'd be able to go down on her own, so Tanner went with her. She got really mad at the top when she realized she'd have to sit on his lap instead of doing it herself. So as soon as they got to the bottom, she climbed back up and did it all by herself!

Riding a semi-truck ride.

Riding the ferris wheel with Grandma Branham.

It was pretty hot that day, so we bought her a cowboy hat, and then we found the pony rides. Perfect picture opportunity! :)

Doesn't Peyton make the perfect piggy! HaHa!

Sadie loved taking pictures in these things! She kept begging Grandpa Branham to take pictures of her in them!

Riding the carousel!

Riding the little dragon roller coaster. This was her favorite by far!

She's in the third car from the front.

Riding a motorcycle ride!

She caught three fish and won a prize!

Yay! A cheap, huge, inflatable hammer! Woohoo!

We were also able to go to the much, much, much smaller Iron County Fair, just down the street from Tanner's parent's house. It was pretty cute, and Sadie had fun, but I think by the time it was over we were all carnival'd out!

Sadie got this cute outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Branham and it went perfectly with her new hat! Doesn't she look so cute as a little farm/cow girl? She loved it!

These things are always a favorite of Sadie's. She did this thing over and over again!


This is what Peyton was doing half the time we were there! Sleepy Boy!

Sadie was all excited about the bumper cars, but I think Tanner had way more fun on them than she did! :)

Here's a video of her riding the ponies at the U.P. State Fair.